AWS Solutions Architect Quiz 2 🎓 (S3, EC2, EBS)

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3 min readSep 28, 2020

The AWS solutions architect certification shows that you can use AWS services to solve software engineering problems and understand core best practices of the industry. In this article, I will quiz you on three sections from the material required for the exam: S3, EC2, EBS.

I will now briefly state some key facts about each AWS service, and then provide some example questions for the exam.

N.B: The following information on its own will not be enough to answer the questions.


The S3 service allows you to store data on the AWS Cloud in the form of binary objects in a bucket. It is also useful to know:

  • Objects stored in buckets can be accessed over HTTP/S
  • Objects are automatically replicated on multiple devices within a region
  • Buckets can contain an unlimited number of objects but the objects have a 5TB max size
  • Bucket operations are eventually consistent
  • Buckets can be shared between accounts using the IAM principal in the policy
  • Buckets can be configured for static website hosting
  • Buckets have different Storage classes (Standard, Standard-InfrequentAccess, Reduced Redundancy Storage, Glacier Storage)
  • Object lifecycle management can be configured for buckets
  • Objects can be encrypted in various ways (ServerSideEncryption-S3, SSE-KMS, SSE-C, ClientSideEncrpytion)
  • Objects in a bucket can be versioned
  • Buckets can be configured to send notifications of events to other services (SNS, SQS, Lambda)


The EC2 service allows you to compute with various machines on AWS Cloud. It is also useful to know:

  • EC2 machines are configurable on the number of Virtual CPUs, Memory, Storage, and Network performance
  • Optimised instance types are the different instance family types: M4 balanced, C4 compute, R3 memory, I2 storage, G2 GPU
  • An AmazonMachineImage AMI is an image for the EC2 machine including the operating system, and possibly applications
  • Security Groups are virtual firewalls for your EC2 instance network traffic
  • EC2 pricing comes in: on-demand, reserved (all upfront, partial upfront, no upfront), and spot instances


The Elastic Block Store service allows you attach persists instance block storage for EC2. It is also useful to know:

  • EBS volumes are automatically replicated in the Availability Zone
  • Volumes can be attached to one instance at a time
  • Different EBS volume types include Throughput-Optimized HDD and Cold HDD, general purpose SSD, provisioned IOPs SSD
  • EBS volumes can be Snapshots to s3 with incremental backups
  • Encryption of EBS volumes is performed with KMS

The quiz can also be accessed in full size here. These questions were sourced from multiple locations (mainly the certification sample test) over a long period of time.

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