AWS Solutions Architect Quiz 5 🎓 (DNS and Route53)

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3 min readOct 25, 2020

The AWS solutions architect certification shows that you can use AWS services to solve software engineering problems and understand core best practices of the industry. In this article, I will quiz you on some sections from the material required for the exam: DNS and Route53.

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I will now briefly state some key facts about DNS and the Route53 service, and then provide some example questions for the exam.

N.B: The following information on its own will not be enough to answer the questions.


Internet communication uses IP addresses. A Domain Name System allows human friendly names, such as, to be translated into a network address (IP) of the CloudFront distribution server hosting the files. A fully qualified domain name (FQDN) is comprised of components, as shown in the following diagram:

Breakdown of Domain Name sub-components — source

DNS Resolution

The DNS system is hierarchical and follows a resolution processes to find the domain servers. These map the domain to IP address.

Steps required to resolve a domain name of a webpage — Source
  1. Your browser queries a resolving DNS server for an IP address of
  2. If the resolving DNS server does not have the address, it performs the same query on a root server.
  3. If the root server response is that it doesn’t have the address either, it provides the .org TLD server address.
  4. The resolving server queries the TLD server. If the TLD server does not know the address of the domain name, it provides the address of the resolving name server.
  5. The resolving server then queries the resolving name server. The resolving name server contains the authoritative records and sends these to the resolving server.
  6. The resolving name server returns this information to the user’s web browser.


The Route53 service allows users to get a domain and manage their DNS as well as perform health checks.

It is also useful to know:

  • Hosted zone (zone file) is a collection of record sets and can be private or public.
  • Record Types: SOA, A /AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PR, SPF, TXT, SRV
  • An Alias Route is a special AWS record which allows mapping to AWS resource including CloudFront distributions.
  • Route53 offers weighted routing, latency-based routing and geolocation routing. It also offers failover routing, disaster recovery using different resources.
  • Elastic load balancer is available in every AWS region with cross-zone balancing.

Quiz 🎓

The quiz can also be accessed in full size here. These questions were sourced from multiple locations (mainly the certification sample test) over a long period of time.

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